Inventors Corner

Contact me, I love to network with other Inventors and Entrepreneurs!

I invented SnapBagger, YardPup, and WasteBagger PRO based on personal necessity of these products in my own yard and life.  It started more as a hobby and interest that eventually took me through the entire learning curve from product inception, design, prototyping, focus group studies, patent & trademark process, and manufacturing.

I have personally been on HSN, QVC, and have sold my products at major Brick & Mortar and Dot Com stores like Wal-Mart, ACE Hardware, Amazon.Com, Homedepot.Com, Lowes.Com.  I also have extensive trade show experience and an understanding of Direct Response TV Marketing.  I have a wealth of “real inventor” experience and a data base full of trusted service providers and I love to network with others who share this same interest.

I am not a consultant because I am a tinkerer and constantly busy in my spare time playing with a new idea, but I do love and enjoy being involved in the inventor community and I get asked for my opinions on inventing matters all the time.  I love networking with other inventors, and I love helping people.  If you would like to ask me any questions regarding inventing a consumer product, please contact me and I will do what I can!

Please note that I am not an attorney and any advice I might give is based solely on my own personal experience and you are ultimately responsible for your own journey to market.

Melanie Romero